Retirement investing for high income earners

If you are a consumer, you will find yourself in a special issue: You have been opposed to your participation by 401 (k) or IRA before you arrive for up to 15% of all the people deserve.

Do you want to see it? If you want to delete?

The good news is that you can pay more money even if you get money. Here are some ways to do that.


For the year 2018, if your total income (full income) is $ 135,000 or more, or over $ 199,000 a few months, you can not open or support the Roth IRA because is tax, and you do not pay tax. There is a way to control retirement investment, but it is good. It’s called Roth IRA backdoor.

Federal law says you can change IRA’s Roth IRA regardless of your income. How this works: It can be up to $ 5,500 a year (or $ 6,500 if you are 50 years old or older) to a IRA or a new IRA member. When your account is sent to your IRA account, your sponsor will change the IRA to Roth IRA. When you do, you will have to pay, so you have to pay Sam.

You can transfer existing IRA files, such as SEP or Trial IRA. But if you change IRA now (say, when you are 18 years old when you are 18 years old), you will pay all the costs, and all development occurs when you open it. Depending on your IRA and your taxes, this is a very good credit card. Know that in the front. Do not try to change the Roth IRA if you do not have cash.

But here’s the good news: When you withdraw money from Roth IRA later, you do not pay taxes on the contract. And you can work for years later. Them of your money. Then look at it grow white. Repeat every year.

Now, some tax credits will be repaid if you have more money than you have when you change your IRA to Roth IRA, so make sure you talk to a specialist you want change

If you do not know about Roth choice, the IRS will be part of its website for this purpose. But be sure to check with your business before you retirement investment change it.


Some employers must lev 401 (k) for the maximum amount you can support ($ 18,000 plus $ 6,000 for 50 years and over). If you decide to do this, you can support more than $ 55,000 between both after retirement investment (or $ 59,000 if you are age 50 or older).

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